The Road to … $25,000,000?


Why $25,000,000?  Some background.

Everyone’s heard about Palin’s famous “opposition” to the Bridge to Nowhere (she supported it until Congress killed it, and then opposed it once it had no chance), and many have heard about her less famous Road to Nowhere.  She authorized and had built with US taxpayer dollars the approach road to the Bridge to Nowhere even though the bridge is no longer to be built.  The approach road now goes, well, nowhere, but being just over 3 miles long the mayor of the town assures us it will be used to run 5k (3.1 mile) and 10K (to Nowhere and back again) races.

This 3 mile gravel road cost $25,000,000 to build.  That would be roughly $500,000 for every resident of the town.  Why does a 3 mile gravel road cost twenty five million dollars?  It’s not like they had to knock down houses and businesses to do it.  For that matter, you could knock down every business and house on the island and it wouldn’t total that much.  To give a comparison, Amtrak is building a 3 mile stretch of railroad track through Virginia at a cost of $10,000,000.  I don’t know the details but I would assume they would have to build a gravel road beside it for the duration of the construction, and that the cost of that is a few hundred thousand dollars.

So, I come back to it. 25 million dollars.  Who exactly are the checks being written to?


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