Self driving cars


I’m following a post on Kevin Drum’s site about self driving cars, but I think the commenters are missing the boat on just how profound such a change would be.  So let’s say we get self driving cars.  You stumble out of bed at 5:00 am, and roll into your car, recline all the way back as your autopilot heads towards work.  You sleep three more hours, then get up, do a towel bath, brush your teeth, eat your breakfast, finishing just as you reach work.  You leave the office at 3:00pm, open up your computer and cell phone and get three more hours work done.  Read the paper and you are home at 6:30, having commuted from say, DC to western West Virginia, where houses cost $1.57.  It’s hard to even get my head around the tectonic shifts involved in such a way of commuting.


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