Canadian Independent Music


So I’m putting together a list for a reader who asked about the tunes I’ve bought after listening to the CBC Radio 3 podcast.  Here’s the list:

  • “Love This Town” by Joel Plaskett – Great tune, I loved it when I first heard it, then loved it even more when I heard Plaskett on the Podcast talking about how he had stayed in his hometown even as other  musicians moved away.  And how one night he went into a local bar and saw a guy sitting by himself looking downcast.  The bartender poured him a drink, no payment, then came back and told Plaskett that he was drinking for free because his house had just burned down, leading to the completely mood-setting line “There’ll be drinks on the house when your house burns down.”
  • “Nowhere With You” by Joel Plaskett and the Emergency.  Necessary to show Plaskett and friends can rock when called for.
  • “Reunion” by either Jason Collett or Stars (I can’t tell from the iTunes info).  What a great song to run to.
  • “See You On The Moon”, by the Great Lakes Swimmers.  This is actually from a kids album, but as Grant Lawrence pointed out, nonetheless a great song.  The Podcast had a whole show with kids singing various Canadian Independent songs.  Really cool. And indicative of the type of things Grant and Chris are willing to try.
  • “Failsafe” by the Choir Practice.  Cool on many levels.  First, because this is the only Rock choir I’ve ever heard of.  Second, because the words just get in my head and spin around there.  I don’t know how many times my kids have heard me start singing “Ready to bolt at the first sign of failsafe” and wondered what the heck I was talking about.  And third, because Grant put three versions of this song together, along with interviews with the performers, and a history of how the song came about.  I love all three, but unfortunately only two are available for purchase.  The third is from a demo tape or something, from the depths of CBC Radio 3’s music vault.
  • “Horse Soldier” by Corb Lund.  Great tune. Something I really love about independent music is that you get songs written about the oddest things.  This is about the lot of the horse soldier, from ancient times to the Special Ops riders in Afghanistan.
  • “Requiem” by the “No Luck Club”.  Instrumental, I really like it, and the group consists of two brothers in their basement, if I recall correctly.  Another group that falls into the category of writing completely unexpected songs.
  • “La Poste” by Navit Confit.  The occasional French song sneaks in and this one sounds cool and is great to run to.
  • “The Dugout” by Ladyhawk.  Another great running song.
  • “The Beatboxer Who Broke My Heart” by Hey Ocean.  I love this band! This is the song that Grant played, but all of their songs are this good, with a huge variety to their sound.  Great musicians too.
  • “Mr. No Show” by Ghostkeeper.  I can’t tell you why I like this song so much, other than it’s another one that gets in my head and stays there.
  • “That’s That” by Cass McComb.  This is not a song I would normally go for, but there’s something about that rolling bass line that captivates. And helps the miles roll by too.
  • “A Million Dollars” by Joel Plaskett and the Emergency.  Starts slow, then punches it.  And I swear there’s a flute in there somewhere.

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