I’m so often wrong…


I’m so often wrong about how the public reacts to a political candidate or event, that I feel the need to highlight the times I am right.  Here’s what I wrote the day after McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin.

1. The next month will be about her, not about him.  It will be about her experience, her troopergate investigation, the possibility of perjury, the certainty of making false statements to the public, the fact that she has a four month old baby with Downs syndrome, four other kids and a husband who’s on a fishing boat four months out of the year, but is leaving them all behind to go campaign (Sure – it’s a double standard.  But it’s a real double standard.)

2. When attention gets back to him, it will be all about his judgement.  And lack of it.  Can you imagine the Biden – Palin debate?  Five will get you ten that “scheduling difficulties will ensure it never happens.  And then that will be the story.

3. And, as we near the election, a growing chorus of resentment will come from the very people this was designed to attract – the Hillary supporters who felt their seasoned upper middle aged woman candidate had been passed over for a less experienced but charming and sexy man.  It will take a couple of months, but it will finally sink in to the general public that McCain passed over the seasoned upper middle aged women in his part to go after the young, vivacious woman with much less experience.  And when that meme starts playing, his treatment of his first wife can’t be far behind.

Overall, I can’t think of a better pick… for Obama.


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