Why Barack Obama really broke the mold


Barack Obama is our first black president, and the mold for that has been middle aged to elderly white guy since George Washington. But somebody was eventually going to become the first, and I thought they would fit a mold of their own.

When a country elects its first woman president or prime minister, it is often someone who totally breaks the “woman” mold. Tough, stern, decisive and ruthless. Think Maggie Thatcher, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir. So I expected the first black president to break the “black” mold. Someone like Colin Powell – Republican, quiet, kind of boring.

So how did a progressive democrat, young and charismatic become the first black president? I imagine it was because the total incompetence of the previous administration became the only mold he needed to break. In the end, a majority of people really didn’t care that much about his party affiliation, his youth, his charisma/celebrity. In the end, they just cared that he seemed competent.


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