Andrew Sullivan trying too hard


In this post Andrew Sullivan basically states that since Califronia voters decided to take away rights from homosexuals, he has to go along with it.  Methinks Andrew is overcompensating for his Obama support and trying too hard to be the good conservative – state’s rights and all that.  Much as I like Andrew, he’s wrong on this one.  One of the important reasons we have a constitutional democracy as opposed to a pure democracy is that the minority is protected from the will of the majority.  The courts can overturn laws that violate this. If this wasn’t true, I think there would be a pretty strong case for taking away the rights of Mormons, or perhaps members of the Knights of Columbus, two groups who gave more to the Pro-8 cause than anyone else.  I guess that’s a good question for Andrew: if it’s OK for the majority to vote away rights from a minority, is it OK if someone starts a campaign to strip marriage rights from Mormons?  I’ll sign the petition…


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