This Week In God


Steve Benen over at the Washington Monthly has been penning a consistently fascinating column called “This Week In God”.  I’m not religious, and so I’m not sure how a religious person would react to it, but it provides a quick insight into the political and cultural trends churning around in the world of faith.

Normally I wouldn’t have much to write in response, but this weeks column devotes half its ink to the Vatican’s recent Papal missive on the evils of in vitro fertilization, artificial birth control, etc.  I was raised a Catholic and spent 12 years in Catholic schools, so I have enough perspective to say at least this much:  If you take your advice about marriage, sex, and child rearing from these guys you probably get what you deserve.  Think about it: an exclusively male group, one who’s members are at best of sexually disfunctional, but more often sexually conflicted, who have taken oaths of celibacy and, more importantly, never to have children, who do not actually live in the same house with woman and children, and in fact, due to the exposure of rampant pedophilia and the coverup of the same by the heirarchy, are strongly discouraged from being alone with children.  Why would anyone take what they say on these matters seriously?


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