Football ‘Fans’


Over at “Outside the Beltway” James Joyner has a post on the crowds at Soldier Field and the embarrassment of bringing a kid to the game.  I agree completely.  I would never take my family to either of the New Jersey teams.  I am told that there is one whole spiral ramp at Giants stadium populated by hundreds of drunken louts that start screaming “SHOW US YOUR T*TS” at every female that walks by.  Unless, of course they are fat or ugly in which case they scream “YOU’RE FAT AND UGLY”.  Supposedly if you complain to a guard, they’ll just tell you not to use that ramp.

The fact that these ‘fans’ are among the idiots willing to pay hundreds of dollars a game (PSL + ticket price) to see their team means it is very unlikely they will get ejected, much less banned.


One Response to “Football ‘Fans’”

  1. mortar Says:

    Once again, money speaks and threatens the moral decency in our world….it is refreshing to hear that someone cares about the continuous bad behavior allowed in so many places that have traded that fat dollar for their intolerance.

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