How Cheney and Company Will End In Jail…


Dick Cheney, George Bush and dozens, perhaps hundreds of other administration officials should end up in jail for their violation of constitutional and human rights.  But as long as people believe they tortured, spied, etc for the ‘good of the country’, no matter how misguided that  was, I doubt anyone will go after them.  (At least anyone in the US.  They better not travel to foreign countries.)  But I think eventually this reluctance will end, and when it does, there will be hundreds of witnesses dropping the dime, and written and recorded documentation will start to rain down. What will break the tsatus quo?

It seems very unlikely that the people who performed these actions could truly limit themselves to targeting terrorists.  Remember the Republican rhetoric during the first four or five years of the war?  The critics, including senior Democratic officials, weren’t just wrong, they were “aiding the enemy”, “helping Al Qaeda”, “undermining the Country”.  I think most people thought this was just overheated bloviation from the shouting class, but remember, it came out of Senior government officials including Cheney and Tom Delay.  I believe it was the rationalization they used to spy on their political enemies.  When Nancy Pelosi, Tom Reid and even centrist Republicans find out Cheney and his ilk were listening in on their private calls, they will suddenly develop the backbone they should have had six years ago.


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