Caroline Kennedy


I don’t know anything about Caroline Kennedy, but as a New Yorker, I’ve been extremely disappointed she is being considered as a replacement for Hillary Clinton.  How can I be disappointed if I don’t know anything about her?  It’s the very fact that she doesn’t have a public record.  Her one government position was a three day a week charity gig where she was essentially her own boss.  There’s nothing wrong with that – quite the contrary, it’s admirable for someone in her position to take on such work.   But there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of men and women in New York who have handled fund raising efforts as big, and yet they are not being considered for the Senate.  And they shouldn’t be, and any professional political handler would probably wave them off.  Charitable fundraising is no way to get a field for hardball politics.

We get exactly two people to represent New York at the Federal Senatorial level, and we need strong representation. New York already has one of the worst ‘give-get’ ratios in the country.  (The amount New Yorkers give in terms of taxes and fees versus the amount we get in terms of grants and in-state contracts.)  She has no background in such matters, and no experience swaying the general public or deali ng with the mindless opposition, or any of the the hundred unpleasant things a Senator has to deal with.  The only reason, and I mean this literally, the only reason she is being considered is her last name.  But New York State is not sixteenth century Europe.

Tonight it was reported she was out, then in, now maybe out again.  This type of mishandling is indicative of her lack of experience.  If she wants to be a Senator, then let her run in two years, although I suggest she run for something else first – say, Rep.  If she feels that’s beneath her, well, that’s all we need to know.


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