Autism and Vaccines


Kevin Drum has a post up about the frustrations of the autism=vaccination crowd and I couldn’t say it better myself.  I’ll just add that it is incredible to me that after years of howling about Thimerasol, which actually had a proposed mechanism behind it, there is a now a new movement to blame autism on the sheer number of  vaccines.  No mechanism proposed and no evidence other than the number of vaccines delivered has increased at the same time the number of cases of autism diagnosed has increased.  But for that matter, so did the number of cars manufactured, the elimination of lead in gasoline, the landing of men on the moon, the availability of the kiwi fruit, and millions of other correlations.  They have become so wedded to the idea that vaccines cause autism that the belief has taken on a life of its own.  In the meantime, just ask any of the tens of thousands of deaf or blind or mentally handicapped people who were in the womb during the famous 1960’s measles epidemic if they would have preferred their mother to have a simple vaccine.  Or the adults currently debilitated with Ricketts and Shingles if they appreciate the snotty nosed kid who didn’t get the vaccine and ended  up transmitting it to them?


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