Obama girls and the cold


Obama said something the other day that really hit home.  His daughters were astounded that they had a school day off because of a little snow and ice and remarked that in Chicago, they not only wouldn’t have even checked the radio for closings, but they would have gone outside at recess.  And Obama made a half joking comment about how we might have to toughen up a bit.  Thank You! Growing up on the south side of Chicago,  I actually did walk a mile and a half through blizzards to reach school.  I remember the smell of the wet clothes lasting until two or three hours after school opened.  When I lived in Rochester, NY there were days when my car was literally just a white lump after a foot of snow had fallen overnight.  I dug it out and went to work.  The roads would be bad, so I left early.  I think the mass exodus to the warmer climbs over the past fifty years has seriously wimped out the country.  If you want to open a business needing tough, can do people, you couldn’t do better than upstate New York, or Chicago, Wisconsin or Michigan.   Good airports, great schools, plenty of major highways, and not a wimp in sight.


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