A lesson to myself.  I started out this postas a rejoinder to a James Joyner post making the argument that the Republican Party is at least politically smart for opposing everything Obama proposes.  I then went to his post to select a juicy morsel to rebut with my infinite wit.  And upon re-reading realized that he had not made that argument at all.  In fact, his analysis was basically the same as mine.

So I’ll just focus on the one thing I think he has wrong – the idea that Republicans will in the end vote their conscience.  What has been astounding is that the individual Republicans continue to vote against their localized self interest (and, I would assume, their conscience too), seemingly because they are more afraid of Rush Limbaugh and Boehner (of all people) than they are of their own voters.  I guess its because those two guys can kill them in an instant but it will take two years for the voters to get ’em.


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