Religion vs. Evolution


There are many things in life that we take for granted, until suddenly, your perspective is shifted and you realize what seemed normal is, in fact, odd.  Women carrying around tubes of colored goo to paint their lips.  The idea that people have two names and they must be given in a precise order (first name, last name).  The idea that ‘religious’ people don’t believe in evolution.

This is the anniversary of “The Origin of Species” so Darwin and evolution is in the news quite a bit, and inevitably the anti-evolutionists come up.  But as I was listening to a science writer talk about the latest onslaught from the fundamentalists, it suddenly struck me as a very odd thing that religious people even have an opinion on evolution.  Do they have an opinion on gravity?  On the direction that electrons flow when the light switch is turned on?  Or for whether that light travels at 186,000 miles per second?  Surely the vast majority are content to ignore these facts, or, if they think of them at all, take them in as an example of the wonder of God’s handiwork.  They are content to let the people who really do care about such things study and parametize them.  They accept that, in the main, the scientists and engineers get such things right. Why then, do they go after evolution?

Perhaps there is no reason at all.  Just like any other fad, it is impossible to tell why this one particular thing caught their fancy.  But once it did, it became part of the litmus test for seeing who was ‘in the club’.


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