Specter of Hope?


Elana Schor over at TPM has a post about Republican Senators who might possibly work with the Administration.  One of the names that she puts out is Arlen Specter.  Administration supporters would be ill-advised in putting more than a thimble-full of hope there.  After years of following Specter, I have yet to see him follow through on any of his tough talk,  bi-partisan talk, or for that matter, even the basic commonsense talk he spouts from time to time.  In the end, he always voted with his party, and for the Bush administration. The only reason one could imagine him supporting the Obama administration would be a wildly hopeful interpretation that it wasn’t cravenness that caused him to side with Bush, but an overarching deferral to the President.  But let’s be serious.  If Specter was the type of person who would stand up against his party, he wouldn’t be a GOP senator today.  Ever since Reagan anyone who wasn’t absolutely loyal was attacked from within by the Club for Growth, or the Limbaughs, or for that matter, the Senate GOP movers and shakers. It is an unfortunate reality that anyone who survived that would not cross the power structure.  For all his talk, when he had to take a stand, Specter did as he was told.


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