Oklahoma City Redux?


Chuck Norris is bloviating about Texas seceding from the union.  About how the government is becoming the “enemy of the state”.  Right wingers are going crazy talking about how Obama is not really a citizen (Seriously. It seems to depend on his mother, at his birth, realizing that her son would someday run for president and so snuck into Hawaii to get him a false birth certificate and plant the birth announcement in the local newspaper) and therefore not legitimately President.  And so his orders don’t have to be obeyed by the military.  And the drumbeat of “communist”, “marxist”,  and “socialist” pounds constantly on winger TV and radio.  It’s tempting to laugh all this off, but I remember a similar era in history in which the Republicans stoked the wingnuts (their base) and we ended up with paramilitary groups talking about seceding from the Union and the illigitimacy of the President and on and on.  Anyone else remember the Militia movement?  And how it ended?


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