Cramer Style BS


For those of you living on Neptune that missed the rumble in the cable wars this weekend, Jim Cramer, top flight CNBC financial guy, got completely steamrolled by John Stewart, who took him to task for being the phony blowhard he is.  What is fascinating is that Cramer showed up for this.  What was he thinking?

Well, my idle speculation is that Cramer simply rolls with BS,  like so many in the mainstream media and the conservative movement of today.  I don’t mean this as simply an insult, but rather as a statement of fact when we consider the Frankfurt definition of BS: “A willful indifference towards facts and reality.  The practice of saying anything perceived to advance your immediate cause, without knowing or caring if it is true or false.”  And Jim Cramer came on prepared to BS his way through the interview.  He certainly didn’t appear to have thought about it beforehand, as he was left virtually speechless as Stewart slammed him again and again with his own words.

And Stewart?  Well Stewart is a progressive and progressives have  been beat down since the Reagan years.  None of the MSM media affords progressives the benefit of the doubt necessary for the 7 figure prognasticators to get by with their BS.  So Stewart and his producers bought their game and thus wiped the floor with Cramer’s sorry a**.  They had their facts, their quotes and had anticipated Cramer’s retorts, and so were ready with more facts and quotes.  Gong boy didn’t stand a chance.


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