Health Care Thought of the Day #1


In the US, if your health costs are not covered by

  • Medicare (US Government)
  • Medicaid (US Government)
  • Veterans Affairs (US Government)
  • US Governement Employees health plan

and you become seriously (expensively) ill, then there are people working for your health insurer whose job is to find reasons to deny coverage.  Think about it.  If you are dying of cancer, weakened and distraught, dealing with the fear and worry of yourself, your spouse, your children, and trying to keep showing up at work (so you can stay insured) there is a professional out there whose only job is to deny you and those like you the coverage you payed for.  They know the system and can draw on all the resources of a multi-billion dollar insurance company.  Your only hope is that they don’t want to push it so far it causes  your large emloyer to get angry and pull all their other business.  But of course, if you work for a small company or are individually insured, it’s cheaper for them to lose the business then to cover you.


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