The Trib


Just back in Chicago to visit the family and picked up the Chicago Tribune.  Wow.  What a rag it has become. The front section reads like the Tempo section (in other papers “Lifestyle”, “Family” etc) – comics and “Ask Amy” where you expect to find the Op-Eds, television and concerts news before that.  The front page itself has religion stories and heart warming family dramas.  I commented to my sister that it had become like my wife’s hometown paper in Binghamton, NY paper.  I have since reconsidered – it is not fair to Binghamton.  Because despite being, what? 1/50th the size of the Chicago metropolitan area, that paper now has more hard news than the Trib. I’m not being sarcastic here, I think it is literally true.

The paper has failed, although I’m sure the owners have succeeded in their goals – parasitize and suck all the money from the paper and  put it in their own pockets, then leave the carcass for someone else to deal with. With the Trib’s debt load and the paper in such a crippled state, I don’t see why anyone would buy it.  There is now a ready made market for serious news.  Perhaps the NY Times can step in, but a hard hitting on-line only paper could start up here with virtually no competition from the print world.


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