“Specter the Defector”?


David Broder has a new column entitled “Specter the Defector” in which he lambastes Arlen Specter’s  character for “abandoning” the Republican party.  I’m no fan of Arlen Specter but I think this analysis is ridiculous.  It is also a window into the mindset of the Washington Conventional Wisdom crowd.  Specter switched to the Republican Party 40 years ago because he felt it was more aligned with his views and what he wanted to accomplish.  He switched to the Democrats now for much the same reasons.  Did he owe the Republicans loyalty?  Of course not.  Although the party leadership supported him in years past, they were not supporting him today.  In fact, a number of core Republican leaders were either actively working against him or passively standing by while others attacked.  The party was trying to push him out of the boat.  He just jumped to another ship before he drowned.


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