Mark Sanford has made a mess…


Mark Sanford has made a mess of things, and I don’t want to pile on. The guy’s personal life should be personal, and there are really only two reasons to discuss it. One, of course, is his hypocrisy. After all, he was all for impeaching Clinton when he was a Senator, and used it to talk about the immorality of “liberals’, yadda, yadda, yadda. Others have done a very adequate job in pointing out that if you want to compile a list of philanderers in politics you couldn’t do much better than simply simply writing down those who wanted to impeach Clinton for philandering. (Gingrich takes the prize though. While leading the impeachment charge and telling his fellow Republicans that they literally shouldn’t let a day go by without bringing up Clinton’s infidelity with a staff member in his government office, we found out later that, you guessed it, he was cheating on his wife with a staff member in his…wait for it…government office.  Gingrich was literally zipping his pants up after boinking her on his desk then going out and talking about how immoral Clinton was for boinking Lewinksi on the sofa.  And the Rupulicans and press ate it up.)

But there is one thing about Sanford’s apology I found very odd, something that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere and something that made me reconsider the amount of sympathy I naturally have for someone who gets up in public and admits that he’s made a mess of his life. He apologized to a bunch of specific people and then apologized to “people of faith”. I don’t want to make too much of this, but it really sticks in my craw when “people of faith” go on and on about how immoral everyone else is, about how “libruls” are debauched libertines, about how gays are nothing but weak sinners, about how better they are then everyone else because they have faith and are Christian and that’s the only one and true right way to live their life. And perhaps he is right to apologize to such people because he let them down, but I wish to god he had enough self awareness and humility to realize that everyone deals with personal failings and demons. All too often these so-called Christians think that when a liberal or a Democrat screws up their lives it is because they are a liberal or a Democrat. But when a “christian” screws up their lives it is because they fell off the wagon.

Recently, the very racist Buchanan family (Pat and Baye) got some bad press when it turned out that a member of their staff, still employed, had pleaded guilty to basically getting drunk and walking down the street in Washington DC shouting racial slurs at people and finally hitting a black woman. And Baye Buchanan gets up and talks about how cruel the press is and how no one knows the troubles this poor aide had gone through, and how if we only had heard him over the years we would see with how hard he had tried to fight his demons. And I have some sympathy for that. But I also have to remember that Pat and Baye would never give such sympathy to a black or latino. After all, they have failings because they are corrupted, inferior people.  Trivia: what is Pat Buchanans latest euphemism for non-whites? “Scrub Stock”.  To get a better understanding of the type of people Buchanan associates with, follow this link to TPM’s research on where this little used term comes from.


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