The Fall of an Icon


Today we found out that Michael Jackson has passed away.  Looking back on a life riddled with controversy and criticism you can’t help but ignore the negatives to admire the amazing contributions that ‘little Michael’ has made.

This is a man who in his music confronted gang violence with ‘Beat It’ and even included actual gang members.  He stood up against racism with ‘Black or White’.  He even took a shot at world peace with ‘Heal the World’.  He basically created the music video and made ‘Thriller’ into a phenomenon that people still mimic.  The music and entertaining accolades attributed to Michael Jackson are countless and unbelievable.

No matter what the tabloids have said about him or how odd of a person he may have been, he gave us music and dancing that will remain timeless long after he is gone.  Sure no one understood some of the things he did or why he was so softspoken, but they new that when he stepped up on that stage and the lights dimmed that THAT Michael Jackson could never die.


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