Piling on Dana


Dana Milbank, op-ed writer for the Washington Post, has gotten a lot of well deserved grief for his dust up with a Huffington Post blogger who was called on at an Obama press conference.  You can read the gritty details here if you are interested, but from my point of view, he came across as clueless and overly sensitive to alterations in the pecking order (Washington Post on the top, blogger peasants to be seen and not heard).  And then, after accusing the blogger of having insufficient journalist standards, Milbank’s own paper gets outed for a “Salon” that was marketed as giving high rolling companies direct access to off the record sessions with reporters, for fees running up to a cool quarter mil.  So it seems like piling on to go after him for today’s column buy, my god, the thing was clueless.  I only read it because a friend had vouched for him and said he was getting a bum rap, that he was a serious person.  Today’s column however, to borrow a phrase from a “Barney Miller” character, had him promoting the stereotype.  Bottom line, he devoted a whole column to quoting a bunch of idiots posting on an open facebook page created around a White House town hall meeting.  Imagine the shock! An open forum on the web with idiot’s posting on it!  Who would have ever thought it?  Good thing we have ol’ Dana Milbank to show us just how silly the internet is.


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