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This run brought to you by CBC Radio 3

August 6, 2009

Thank you Grant Lawrence and the CBC Radio 3 Podcast Road Trip Special!  It’s getting late and getting dark on a lonely unlit country road, I don’t have my reflective bands on and my knee is hurting, hurting, hurting but I’ve got two and a half to go and if I don’t pick it up I’ll be coming around blind curves in the dark.  The news show podcast I was listening to (On The Media) ends and I check the CBC Radio 3 Podcast bin on the old iPod and there is the Road Trip Special.  Man, those Canadian drummers can lay down some beats and my feet start to churn and pretty soon I’m mentally drumming along with them (I’m at least as good as Kieth Moon at his best.  Mentally, that is.) and then I’m flying down the road and home.  Note: I use “flying” here in the 48 year old man with a few extra pounds sense, and not the more popular sense of the word.

Oh, and by the way.  Congratulations Grant.  I wish you as much happiness in your upcoming marriage as I have had in mine.