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2011 Running season starts

March 21, 2011

So I went for my first race of the season and I gotta say, I was pretty happy with my effort. This speaks less to my ability then to the benefit of racing against low expectations. All winter long I’ve been distressing over my general out-of-shape-ness and pillow like physique. With 50 days in China since October the hotel fitness cub has been my only respite from absolute sloth. So I was dreading this five miler, thinking I would end up walking. But some hasty training runs (including a 5K with my daughter a couple of one milers with my son) gave me the little edge that I needed and I finished at 52:43, with a little extra help from the CBC Radio 3 podcast and a decent last mile kick. Would I normally be pleased with 10:35 minute miles? No way. But those low expectations lifted me up until I felt like a champ.