Ways the Modern World Is Not Like You Think It Is


We imagine we are cataloging and compiling our lives in this digital age as never before…

…but the reality is our records are ephemeral. When the school system upgrades their records to a new software system, will they allocate the funds to convert 25 year old records to the new format? When Patch, the replacement for your local newspaper, does the same or simply goes belly up, what will happen to the picture of your child’s championship swim meet? And when you die, will your children have the password to your email account? And will that one be the same one you used while wooing your spouse? And given that unliklihood, will they have the patience to sift through tens of thousands of notes and FYI’s and grocery lists to find the one special email where you declared your love?

So we are returning to the pre-literate days. The only records we leave behind will be a few official ones.


One Response to “Ways the Modern World Is Not Like You Think It Is”

  1. cathy Says:

    Wow…and just in case they do have the patience during some period of extreme boredom or innate curiosity to actually rifle through all that….talk about opening can(s) of worms. Note the TV shows now tracing back movie star history and the unbelievable things they are able to find in the most remote areas with little records at all. So that championship swim picture may be gone forever, but what is not?

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