Trying to like Alcatraz


I was a total “Lost” geek and I’m trying to like Alcatraz because it comes from the same team but after two episodes it’s going nowhere for me. It is almost the exact opposite of Lost. In that show, you learned about a character, really felt for them, and then you found out a game changing revelation that made you look at them differently. So far the only character that is the tiniest bit more than a set of lines delivered on cue is the Jorge Garcia one (he actually managed to get a moment towards the end of the second one where you felt something for him). Game changing revelations? Oh yeah. Maybe three, four per show so far. But it feels like a group of writers just sat around thinking up plot twists.

Characters. That’s what the show needs. So, hey writers! You’ve got some good actors to work with, how about giving us some characters?


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