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Notes for the Traveller: JFK, KAL

July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

JFK continues to astound me. Drop my car off at National and I am hauling a families worth of luggage by myself.  Get on the AirTrain Elevator.  Check the sign: “Terminals – 3rd Floor”.  At the third floor there is a yellow tape strung across the door, barring my way out of the elevator.  OK – I go under it.  A bunch of people are heading toward the elevator.  Turns out there is no service on this floor.  No sign to tell them that. but they’ve been waiting and gave up.  Went down to the second floor, which is for Jamaica station.  All signs still say third floor to go to the terminals.  No one quite knows whats going on.  Nobody to help.  Eventually we get on the train to Jamaica station, because, Why Not?  It goes there, comes back to the station we are at and then continues on to the Terminal.  So I made it.  But, c’mon people, maybe a sign? I realize it is NYC so I would expect the sign to be hand lettered and hung with fingerprinted scotch tape but hey, as long as it said something.

KAL business class lounge in terminal one.  Kind of run down and musty smelling in places.  Good coffee and the liquor selection was good. Snacks are limited but fine. Kept very clean in terms of tidying up.