I don’t get it (1930 vs. 2012)


Sitting in my high school and college history classes, I often wondered just why the 1% of the 1920’s completely turned around and allowed Franklin Roosevelt to come to power and to so radically change our country.  Over time I came to the conclusion that it was all about the Bolsheviks and, later, the Maoists.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they were monsters, little more than thugs with a lust for blood. But when the Gatsby set here saw their Russian and Chinese brothers stood up against the wall and shot and their wealth confiscated, they knew in their bones they had to allow reform.

But just in case we think history actually teaches us anything, I look at the fact that thievery and fraud on an unimaginable scale is going unpunished in this country, at least as long as the perpetrators are from the “right” class.  Oh sure, they fine the company, but the people who pulled the trigger go unpunished. Look at LIBOR.  We know the individuals who committed the fraud.  We have them on tape and know exactly who they are.  And our press doesn’t even ask the question “Shouldn’t these guys go to jail?” The US Secretary of the Treasury knew what these were doing and let it continue, and no one dares to suggest he should be in jail.  “Crisis” they say.  Well there is no crisis now.  Isn’t it time to round up the bad guys?

All this comes form watching a Canadian sci-fi show, “Continuum” and realizing it simply could not be shown in the US because it highlights these issues. 

The horrors the communists inflicted are almost unimaginable, and are an order of magnitude worse than anything the robber barons did. But I wonder, when history repeats itself, who will be the examples and who will change based on those examples.  Three generations ago it was Russian and China who paid the price and the US and Europe who averted disaster.  I have to wonder if today it may play out exactly in reverse.


One Response to “I don’t get it (1930 vs. 2012)”

  1. cathy Says:

    Well said. Very insightful….power is an ugly monster, no matter who holds it.

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