Thank you, Alfonso Cuaron


If I ever meet Sandra Bullock or Alfonso Cuaron or Jonas Cuaron and I can do so without being an asshole, I am going to thank them on behalf of all engineers for crafting “Gravity”. We engineer types don’t get much from Hollywood or television so I really appreciate the portrayal of admirable but human problem solvers, people who aren’t preternatural but simply hardworking, competent and who manage to keep their heads despite all odds. The two main characters in Gravity don’t solve their problems by being (literally) unbelievably smart or by having every cockamamie scheme they try work the first time. They are competent people, one better trained then the other but both unable to work miracles, only magnificent competencies. And that’s what we engineers strive for in our best moments: not MacGyver but Bullock’s Ryan Stone. I haven’t felt this grateful to a character since Keith Stewart in Neville Shute’s “Trustee from the Toolroom”


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