The New Puritans


I suspect that at no point in my life have I had more difference with people whom I nominally share goals than with the people who today are trying to shut down the speech of those they disagree with. I support all kinds of people that the anti-speechers also support: LGBTQ, immigrants, and many others. But their methods, stifling speech and drumming out the unworthy, are 180 degrees opposed to my values. Barring Ann Coulter from Berkely or shouting her down if she arrives, actually rioting to keep someone from talking? This just makes me realize I have little in common with these people.

The wheel of history keeps turning and I suspect this new generation is the one that will become the Puritans of this century. They “know” what is acceptable and will use the full powers they have to punish those they disagree with.   And as they grow older their generational power will increase and they will be able to marshal harsher punishments, and black list more and more people they disagree with.

I imagine that if they think about it at all, they see themselves as the brave counterculture of the 60’s, marching for what is right.  But in my view they are much more representative of the previous generation, the 50’s, with the House un-American Activities Committee and the Movie Morality Codes and the Senate investigations into the sinful Comic Books. I guess the only solace is the knowledge that, since the wheel of history will continue to turn, it is likely that their own children will be their counterculture. They will be the ones who successfully call them out.


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